Day 9:08 pm

  • Driving Toward Stronger Social Cohesion

    City Journal California offers an interesting take on how municipalities are using Smart Parking Meters.  Using ground-sensor technology, Smart parking meters use ground-sensor technology to sense when a parking spot is occupied, send text messages to notify drivers that their time is running out, prevent drivers from adding money over permitted time limits, change parking rates based on congestion, “and—the main source of controversy—reset any remaining time when a car leaves the parking spot.”

    “The issue is not that the City of San Francisco will get more, but that an unknown someone will end up with less. Unless we somehow reverse a century of urbanization—moving back to small towns where everyone knows everyone else—finding these points of connection, these interactions that facilitate empathy with fellow citizens, will continue to be invaluable.”

    In other words, even if motorists travel independently they share a sense of community with other motorists expressed by the frustration that have with local governments that cheat others out of meter money.  Smart growthers say the automobile contributed to social isolation, but that’s always been a stretch.  This makes more sense to me.

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