Day 3:23 pm

  • Red Light Cameras & Traffic Accidents

    Installed at dangerous intersections to hopefully reduce the frequency and severity of car crashes, red-light cameras contribute to an increase in accidents, according to a new study in New Jersey.

    “Rear-end collisions at the intersections were up by 20 percent, from 286 the year before the cameras were installed to 343 the year after, according to the report made public yesterday. Overall, accidents increased from 577 crashes the year before the cameras were installed to 582 the year after. The “crash severity cost” — which takes into account vehicle and property damage, emergency response and medical care — increased by nearly $1.2 million after the cameras were installed.”

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  • The Homeowners No One Thinks Of

    Good article over at Democracy Journal: Manufactured Housing: The Homeowners No One Thinks Of

    “Most of us don’t think much about the people who live in manufactured homes, and when the culture notices them, it usually does so with derision. But there is an interesting and important asset-building story playing out here. The United States is home to some 50,000 manufactured housing communities with an estimated 2.7 million families who own their homes but rent the land underneath them. This housing stock—both in parks and on owned single lots—represents the largest segment of unsubsidized affordable housing in the nation. Two-thirds of these homeowners are low income.”

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