Day 3:21 pm

  • Where Growth Management Is … and Is Not

    According to the Center for Regional Analysis at George Mason University, “Northern Virginia has been outperforming suburban Maryland in the generation of jobs.”

    “On a population base they’re relatively equal, on a jobs base they’re very unequal,” says CRA director Stephen Fuller.

    “Northern Virginia is just way out there. It has over 30,000 new jobs in the last year, where suburban Maryland is running about 1,500.”

    Among the attributes for Virginia are a better transportation system, lower regulatory hurdles, and fewer coercive environmental regulations.  One notable distinction between these states is that Maryland is a growth management state and Virginia is not.  Maryland practices Smart Growth and Virginia does not (though some of its local governments have adopted elements of Smart Growth).  Maryland’s embrace of Smart Growth has depressed its job market.

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  • Another Privatization Success

    When you think of cities that have outsourced operations to increase efficiencies and save taxpayers money, Sandy Springs, Georgia, usually springs to mind.  Add Central, Louisiana, to that list.

    “The city of Central, incorporated in 2005, has had privatized city services to a larger extent than any other city in Louisiana and is one of the few municipalities in the nation that has done it successfully, Louisiana Municipal Association Executive Director Tom Ed McHugh said.”

    The Chief Administrative Officer, David Barrow finds not just savings but efficiency and holding people accountable as superior benefits to government-as-usual services: “In government, public works employees can be civil service employees and you can’t fire them if they are not doing their job.”

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