Day 12:04 pm

  • Family Friendly Cities?

    Forbes is out with it’s list of the best cities for raising a family

    1. Grand Rapids, Michigan
    2. Boise, Idaho
    3. Provo, Utah
    4. Youngstown, Ohio
    5. Raleigh, North Carolina
    6. Poughkeepsie, New York
    7. Omaha, Nebraska
    8. Ogden, Utah
    9. Cincinnati, Ohio
    10. Worcester, Massachusetts

    Where’s Portland?  Where’s Charlotte?  Where’s Seattle?  And all of the other hip, Smart Growth Cities?

    The writers at Forbes thought that measures such as median income, cost of living, housing affordability, crime rate, education quality, commuting delays and percentage of families owning homes matter in determining if an urban area is hospitable to people trying to raise children.  As Wendell Cox has said, “Families want to raise children in backyards, not condo balconies.”

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